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Have you been too busy to keep up with what's been going on in the world of documentary?  Here are a few tidbits from online articles and blogs we think you should check out.


Documentary Filmmakers Fear More Legal Challenges in Trump Era (Columbia Journalism Review)

Interview Tips Every Documentary Filmmaker Should Know (The Beat)

List of International Sales Agencies and Companies for Film and TV (Magda Olchawska)

Interview with Festival Producer Tiha Modric (History Film Festival) (Festival Reviews)

This $250 LED Lighting Kit is Ideal for Filmmakers on a Budget (No Film School)

Stories of Trump’s America: How Documentary Filmmakers Plan to Escape the Liberal Bubble (Indiewire)

How an award-winning documentary was allegedly blacklisted by Netflix (Business Insider)

‘Respect the Feathers’: Who Tells Standing Rock’s Story? (New York Times)

When to Say No to a Festival (The Film Collaborative)

Oscars Gender Gap: Docs, Foreign Films Twice as Likely to Have Female Directors (The Wrap)

Enter the Edit: Activating Feelings of Immediacy and Intimacy With a Film (POV Blog)

Just Because It’s Not Online Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Exist”: Tips on Finding and Using Archival Footage from DOC NYC Pro(Filmmaker)


Art and Ethics of Documentary

Make It Real: Dramatic License (Film Comment)
When Perspective Unseats Objectivity in Documentary Filmmaking
The Politics of Fake Documentaries
 (Slate/Zócalo Public Square)
Whose Film Is It, Anyway? The Trusted Exchange between Filmmaker and Subject
 (Documentary Magazine)
Nick Fraser: 'Documentaries transform reality, and are transformed by it.'(The Guardian)
Documentary filmmakers need to be accountable to their sources and viewers (Washington Post)
How to Teach the Ethics of Using Eyewitness Video (MediaShift)
How to Keep Your Subjects Safe: Nanette Burstein on Dangerous Documentary 
 (No Film School)

First-Time Filmmakers: Beware of Financial Pitfalls (FlowState Films)
How We Made $1.5 Million Self-Distributing Our Doc: The Six-Step Playbook (Indiewire)

Career Sustainability
Documentary Pays? The Price of Filmmaking (Real Screen)
Documentary Pays? The Price of Filmmaking—Part 2 (Real Screen)
It’s Not Always About the Money (Filmmaker Magazine)

How to Build Your Documentary's Distribution Strategy (Filmmaker Magazine)
Reality Checks: How the End of Al Jazeera America Will Affect Its Documentaries (indieWIRE)
Short Docs Enjoy Longevity Online (Documentary Magazine)
How Field Of Vision's Quick Production Turnaround Is Changing The Way Documentaries Are Made And Seen (IndieWire)
CreateSpace becomes Amazon Video Direct: What Does it Mean for Filmmakers? (


#DocsSoWhite: A Personal Reflection (IDA)
Navigating the River: The Hidden Colonialism in Documentary

Documentary Appreciation
50 Documentaries You Need to See (The Guardian)
How Lucy Walker is Using VR to Write Herself Into the Film History Books (Indiewire)



Outreach and Marketing
11 Essential Twitter Follows for Documentary Filmmakers (No Film School) [P.S. @docsinprogress should be #12)


How To Successfully Pitch Your Documentary, According To Filmmakers Who Have Done It (indieWIRE)

A Couple Filmmaker Tips for the Pre-Interview (POV)
17 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Mic
(Premium Beat)
Essential Lighting Tips All Filmmakers Should Know About (No Film School)

Marjan and Kristina: the Thrill of the Hunt (FRANK)
Documentary is the Fiction of Reality: Behind the Scenes of the Doc Edit and Story Lab (Sundance Institute)