Adele Schmidt



Teaches Documentary Structure and Storytelling; Art of the Interview; Documentary Filmmaking from A to Z; Final Cut Pro X

Adele Schmidt co-founded Docs In Progress in 2004 and served as part of its founding staff from 2009-2010, Adele was instrumental in helping the organization expand beyond its signature work-in-progress screenings to provide a full array of educational, professional development, and mentoring programs for emerging documentary filmmakers. In addition to more than 20 years working as a producer, director, editor, and consulting producer for award-winning long-form documentaries and short feature films, Adele has extensive teaching experience. She is an adjunct professorial lecturer in film and video production for graduate and undergraduate students at American University and also teaches field production at Fairfax Public Access TV, and has also taught film and video production and scriptwriting courses in Mexico City. She has also served as a panelist for the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, reviewing applications in the disciplines of writing, philosophy, history, and media arts.