Filmmaking Workshops


Whether you consider yourself a seasoned professional, an emerging filmmaker, or a beginner, Docs In Progress offers a range of adult education programs focused on documentary filmmaking. Beginners may want to check out our introductory production, pre-production, editing, and storytelling classes and webinars. Those filmmakers with more experience can find a variety of professional development workshops, bootcamps, panels, expert talks, master classes, and other programs focused on everything from taking your camerawork or editing to the next level to developing a fundraising strategy to honing your pitch. We also offer educational programs for youth and nonprofit organizations. Think you may want to take a lot of workshops? Save by becoming a Docs Insider Premium member or getting an All-Access Pass


  • March 12: Documentary Roundtable on Archival Research Get More Info
  • March 17: Filmmaking at Your Fingertips: the Smart Phone Documentarian Get More Info
  • March 23: Peer Pitch West Get More Info
  • March 24: Intermediate Adobe Premiere Editing Workshop Get More Info
  • April 4: How to Get Great Interviews Get More Info
  • April 7-May 19: Intro to Documentary Production Get More Info
  • May 3: Tooting Your Horn: Promoting Your Documentary and Yourself Get More Info
  • May 9: Raising Funds For Your Films: Old School Fundraising vs. New Technologies Get More Info
  • May 15 & 22: Strategies for Writing Non-Fiction Films Get More Info
  • June 18-22: Summer Camp for Seniors: My Life on Video Get More Info

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