Fiscal Sponsorship

Eligible documentary projects can raise funds from foundations and individual donors through the Docs In Progress Fiscal Sponsorship Program.     

Docs In Progress, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, administers a Fiscal Sponsorship Program to allow eligible documentary projects to be able to apply for funding to foundations and other grant-making institutions and to accept tax-deductible donations from individual donors.  Docs In Progress offers financial oversight by monitoring reports and managing funds to ensure that funder requirements are adhered to by filmmakers.  We also organize an annual meet-up of sponsorees to share strategies for fundraising.  

Application for the Fiscal Sponsorship Program is open to supporters of Docs with a $50 or more annual contribution. Acceptance is based on a review of each applicant’s proposal, budget, fundraising strategy, and outreach plan. Apply now!


How to Apply for Fiscal Sponsorship



Meet and Support Our Current Sponsorees

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