Room To Breathe

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Filmmakers: Dave Haft and Mary Awosika
Stage: Completed

Room To Breathe is a personal documentary that follows newlyweds Mary (Producer) and Dave (Cinematographer) as we confront pandemic parenting and virtual school in our search for household balance. Dave intimately captures one year of the pandemic as our Washington, D.C. family mirrors the trials and triumphs of families nationwide. We juggle the roles of virtual educators, emotional partners, and parents to Aven and Carter. Amidst the chaos, our family hits several breaking points— Mary feels unsupported, Dave seems disconnected, and our kids struggle with virtual learning.

Seeking relief and encouragement, Mary connects with her sister through video messages, unveiling the power of sisterhood. Her experience caring for everyone but herself is a timeless tale of motherly sacrifice and domestic imbalance. Through verité, you’re invited to follow one family’s journey of adaptation and Mary’s search for some room to breathe.

In this moment of collective recovery from years of community disconnection, Room to Breathe prompts parents, caregivers and educators to reflect and heal.


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