Sanja Marjanovic


Sanja Marjanovic is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, editor and storyteller. She started actively exploring film through her involvement in Filmaktiv a non-profit organization in Croatia. She was part of the educational team and taught in more than a dozen classes. She graduated with a MA in Film Directing from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. Sanja is passionate about helping other filmmakers develop their skills. She balances her time as a teacher with her creative work on documentary film. Sanja is a selector and co-fonder of Student International Film Festival in Rijeka, Croatia. BAFTA SCOTLAND New Talent nominated her for the best editor in 2014 for the work she has done on her film BFF, which is currently touring the festival circuit. Teaches: Intro to Documentary Production, Intermediate Documentary Production, Pocket Doc: Shooting and Editing on an I-Phone