Get Started with Your Documentary

This webinar series is aimed at filmmakers who are either new to documentary filmmaking altogether or who may have some filmmaking experience, but are new to the world of independent documentary filmmaking. These webinars are focused on the Development/Pre-Production stage of documentary production and will help participants understand more what you need to think about before you ever turn on a camera. The three webinars may be taken individually or save by signing up for all three. They are not sequential (i.e., you can take any of them standalone without taking the others)

Each webinar will include time for questions. Note: Times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST). Recordings of the webinars can be made available to registered participants.

Webinar 1: Planning for Production
April 19 (Wednesday)  •  12–1:30pm EST
So you want to make a documentary? Before you turn on that camera, there are some important things you need to plan to make your film more assured of success. In this session, we will review ways to define and refine your story idea, find and approach potential characters and interviewees, scout locations, put together a production team, and develop a production schedule and shot list.
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Webinar 2: Budgeting for Documentaries
April 26 (Wednesday)  •  12–1:30pm EST
A budget is an important planning tool for documentary films. It is also a necessity if you are planning to fundraise for your film. Far from numbers alone, the budget is another way of telling the story of your film. In this session with Docs In Progress Executive Director Erica Ginsberg, we will go over the elements which make up a documentary budget, different approaches to budgeting, and how to keep your budget realistic but flexible so that it can adapt to the realities of filmmaking. The first 2/3 of the webinar will be presentation. The final 1/3 will be for participant questions.
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Webinar 3: Fundraising Strategies for Documentaries
May 3 (Wednesday)  •  12–1:30pm EST
As much as we'd like to think we will make back all we put into our films in distribution, the reality is that very few independent documentaries make a profit on the backend. If you want your documentary to be more than a labor of love or an expensive hobby, you will probably need to raise funds along the way. We'll go over ways to plan fundraising for different stages of the film. What goes into a grant proposal? Is crowdfunding right for you?  What do funders expect?
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Save by Registering for All Three Webinars in the Series:
$55 Early Bird Registration (register/pay through April 4) 
$65 Regular Registration (register/pay between April 5-15)
$75 Late Registration (register/pay April 16-19) 

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