Yi Chen


Yi Chen is an award winning filmmaker and her work has screened in film festivals around the world, including Beijing International Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, DC Independent Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capitol, Screen Actors Guild Foundation Shorts Showcase and many more. 
She has produced and directed a 26-minute verity style documentary “Chinatown”—a story about the strength and struggles of the last remaining Chinese immigrant residents living in the historic Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. It aired on PBS station WHUT and won 2014 Indie Capitol Awards Best Documentary Short. Her short film “FL 324” won 2009 Our City Film Festival Best Narrative Short and 2008 Silver Peer Awards. 
Yi also teaches video production and editing in the Film & Video Studies program at George Mason University and Fairfax Public Access TV. Yi received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Media Arts from American University and her B.A. from Fudan University in Shanghai, China.