Youth Camp Scholarships

Thanks to support from the William and Karen Tell Foundation, Docs In Progress has offered scholarships since 2012 for youth interested in spending two weeks at a documentary filmmaking daycamp.

Our 2016 Youth Camps have concluded. We will be announcing a deadline for applying for scholarships for our 2017 Youth Summer Camps in early 2017.



In this two-week daycamp for youth, campers work in small teams to plan, shoot, and edit a short documentary filmed in or near downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.  Campers will be provided access to video cameras and editing equipment.  Final projects will be shown in a mini-festival for family and friends and uploaded to YouTube and may also be featured at the Community Stories Film Festival to be held in the Fall.

Docs In Progress
8700 1st Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Corner of 1st Avenue and Fenwick Lane in downtown Silver Spring.

This is a competitive, needs-based scholarship.  Determination will be made through the review of applications which are submitted online.


1. Students may attend school anywhere in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

2. Students must complete an online application which includes a short essay as to why they would be interested in participating in this program and list at least one reference (preferably a teacher or school administrator).

3. A parent or guardian will be required to drop off and pick up the student from the camp, unless the parent signs a waiver form to permit the student to check him or herself in at the start of the day and out at the end of the day.

4. Students must attend all sessions of the summer camp except in the case of illness.

5. Scholarship recipients will be invited to present their film at a public screening in Fall 2017.

6. Scholarship recipients may be photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by Docs In Progress for outreach purposes.

7. There is no fee to apply for the scholarship.  However, if selected for the scholarship, the student or family would be responsible for paying $100 to cover registration fees prior to the first day of class.  The scholarship covers the other $750 of the cost of the camp.  Fees include all supplies, educational materials, and field trips for the camp, but do not include lunch or transportation to the camp.

8. Scholarship funds are not transferable to other classes or participants.

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