Community_Stories_Festival.jpgWORK-IN-PROGRESS SCREENINGS
"Rough cut” screenings by local and visiting filmmakers who are seeking feedback on story structure and character development. These screenings are open to the public and include a facilitated session where the audience provides constructive feedback on the story structure and character development of these not-quite finished documentaries.  This can be essential to help filmmakers move forward with creative blocks or to get a reality check on a film ahead of distribution. Since the Work-in-Progress program began in 2004, more than 150 films have been workshopped through the screenings, the majority of which have since been completed. Alumni films include Out in the Silence, The List, Let the Fire Burn, The Legend of Cool “Disco” DanFate of a SalesmanThe Last Song Before the WarDeej, and Foreign Puzzle.
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More than 1500 filmmakers have participated in Docs In Progress programs since we began and many have gone on to complete and distribute their films. We also organize screenings to spotlight some of these finished films which have been produced by our alumni.

Once a year, Docs In Progress organizes a multi-day festival which spotlights films on local topics produced both by our students and by others in the community. Find out more.

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