Cinematography and Lighting

Description: Cinematography requires an understanding of light. There are many tools to modify, create and shape it, but sometimes one has to make do with what’s available. This Lighting for Cinematography seminar focuses on techniques to capture light by any means available. Today’s cameras afford filmmakers a level of self-proficiency previously unattainable; however, using lighting tools effectively can be intimidating. A firm grasp on lighting techniques could be the first step in fostering confidence with a camera and improving the quality of your image.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to compose a 3-point lighting setup for interviews, an understanding of white balance and the Kelvin scale, and how to address common lighting issues. It includes how to deal with shadows, working with windows, shooting with mixed lighting, filming in outdoor and indoor locations. We will explore common real-world challenges and ways to deal with and control them. We will examine equipment available through Docs In Progress, and options for filming without production lights. Participants will learn to optimize camera settings for various shooting conditions, and tips for improving composition. 

Teaching Artist: Cucillo Consad