The Doc Is In

Docs In Progress has trained emerging visual media artists and storytellers for more than a decade in all phases of the production cycle.

The Doc Is In is our new one-on-one online consulting services, delivered via Zoom. Receive the personal attention that you may need and certainly want in the complex process of documentary filmmaking. We encourage you to take our online and in-person workshops that cover many of the topics that are of interest for filmmakers. However, if you have project specific questions, then book an appointment with one of Docs In Progress teaching artists who are participating in this program.  

Our teaching artists are industry professionals and media producers who are committed to Docs In Progress and want to share their knowledge and help you to advance your work and your career. 

One-hour consultations are $175



"I've been creating video stories for 40 years, mostly as a "hired gun" for corporations, non-profits, museums and live events. I have had limited experience with fundraising for my own projects and Docs in Progress quickly set me up with Adele for a consultation that was focused on my needs and very informative. I also consulted with G.T. on moving over to an AVID editing platform after years using Final Cut 7. He answered my tech questions and told me about things that I didn't know, I didn't know. For young folks starting out or people who have been at it for a while, I give Docs in Progress and their people a 5 star rating."
Mike Wicklein, Film Producer


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