May 2022
Ahead of the Curve
Film Synopsis: Ahead of the Curve tracks the power of lesbian visibility and community from the early 1990s to the present day through the story of the founding of Curve magazine. The film tells the story of the magazine's founder Franco Stevens, and its rise in the 1990s and its uncertain future today. When Franco was 23 years old, she funded the magazine with a bunch of credit cards. She took the borrowed money from the cards to the race track, where her bets resulted in her continual winning, and that's how Curve was born. During her tenure at the magazine, she helped build a foundation for many movements being led by today's activists in the face of threats to the LGBT community. Now, decades later, her legacy faces extinction and she reassesses her life after a disabling injury, and sets out to communicate and understand the work in LGBT visibility being led by the queer women of today.





One of the most rewarding aspects of documentary filmmaking is seeing your work on a big screen and having a real audience respond to it. Docs In Progress is proud to present several different screening programs:

"Rough cut” screenings by local and visiting filmmakers who are seeking feedback on story structure and character development. These screenings are open to the general public and include a facilitated session where the audience provides constructive feedback on the story structure and character development of these not-quite finished documentaries.  This can be essential to help filmmakers move forward with creative blocks or to get a reality check on a film ahead of distribution.
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Since our eponymous program began in 2004, more than 175 films have been workshopped through the screenings, the majority of which have since been completed. Alumni films include Out in the Silence, The List, Let the Fire Burn, The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan, Fate of a Salesman, The Last Song Before the War, Deej, and Foreign Puzzle.

The Silver Screen Series is intended as a gathering place where documentary films can be shown and shared. These films draw on the humanities values of biography, history, culture, and ethics. They are about the stories that define us, connect us with each other, express our values and convey our experiences.

The Silver Screen Series is funded in part by Maryland Humanities.

Each November, Docs In Progress organizes a multi-day film festival which spotlights films on local topics produced by local filmmakers -- ranging from established artists to participants in our filmmaking classes, including our teen and 55+ workshops. Find out more.





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