Work-in-Progress Screenings

These are the films which have benefitted from feedback through Docs In Progress programs at different stages of their development.



 Docs In Progress' flagship rough cut screening program has been going since   May 2004. More than 150 not-quite-done documentaries have received   valuable feedback from a general audience which has helped the filmmakers   move forward with their films towards a goal of completion and distribution. 




Searching for My Jewish Soul (Bonnie Rich)
My Dear Children (second cut) (Lee Ann Dance and Cliff Hackel)
Transgeek (Kevin McCarthy, Sayer Johnson, Mallory Anna Wood)
Girls Are Always Shrieking (Hamid Reza Tabarraei)
America: an Immigration Nation (Ronald "Smokey" Stevens)


Color Correction (Michael Anthony Williams)
Crank (Charles Garris, Rico Anderson, Jerome Sator, and Marvin Bryson
My Dear Children (Lee Ann Dance and Cliff Hackel)
Joseph's House (Lucian Perkins)
Women in Film: Onscreen and Off (Timothy Allan)
The Groove is Not Trivial (Tommie Smith)
The Mamboniks (Alexis Gillespie)   
As a Father (Matthew Gordon and Angelica Das)
Exotic (Amy Oden)



The Story of America (Annabel Park and Eric Byler)
Blue Ridge Barnum (Emma Mankey Hidem)
100 Faces (Felicia Barr and Bill McKenna)
The Hanging (Geoffrey Feinberg)
Skate or Die (Ryan Ferguson)
Toxicomano (Vladimir Pcholkin)
Moosehead's Wicked Good Plan (Sarah Katz)
Locked Apart (Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac)
Jungle Paradise (Dave Moktoi)


Doeville (Kathryn Pasternak)
InsideOut (Karen Ruckman)
High Hopes (Jaime Cantor, Paige Hymson, Briah Stokes, and Jarrett Adams)
The Mama Sherpas (Brigid Maher)
Deej (Robert Rooy)
Thrive (Paul Szynol)
Foreign Puzzle (Chithra Jeyaram)


Living Coal (Lauren Schneiderman)
Mr. Besley's Forest (Cheryle Franceschi)
Her Red Father (Tova Beck-Friedman)
Madame Parliamentarian (Rouane Itani)
The Seldom Scene (G.T. Keplinger)
The Trouble with TQ (Calvin Thomas, Jr.)
Ethiopia: Identity's Journey (Henock Yilma)
How Washington Really Works: Charlie Peters and the Washington Monthly (Norman Kelley)
Citizen Autistic (William Davenport)
Under Fire: Free Tutoring At Risk (David Long)
Over the Hurricane with Dr. Z (Aziza Baccouche, Ph.D)
The Peace Agency (Sue Useem)
10 Blocks (Mark Strandquist) 


NEMO 1934: Searching for Everett Ruess  (Corey Robinson)
I’m Paying for this Microphone: the Inside Story of America's Televised Presidential Debates (Christopher Richmond)
Stage Four: a Love Story (Ben Steger)
Last Song Before the War (Kiley Kraskouskas, Andrea Pappito, Leola Calzolai-Stewart)
Fate of a Salesman (Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran)
Mr. Stokes' Mission (Sam Hampton)
Project NEO (Kenny Johnson)
Horizont 8 (Dija Krasniqi)
Stolen Shoes (Shota Bukoshi)
The Wall (Nikola Polic)
Fly By Light (Ellie Walton)
Rosenwald (Aviva Kempner)
A Sister's Call (Kyle Tekiela)



Somos Buzos (Isabelle Carbonell)
Not Your Average Beauty Queen (Tracy Thompson)
Convergence (Justin Toops)
Life as a Collage (Sitar Arts Center students)
Out for Good (Nico Colombant)
The List (Beth Murphy)
The Legend of "Cool" Disco Dan (Joseph Pattisall and Roger Gastman)
It's Only (a) Natural (Richard Lewis and Yolanda Lee)
Hidden Books (Sam Hampton)
The Loudest Show on Earth (Mariana Studart)


The Vigil (Arya Surowidjojo) 
Behind the Frame: the Story of Vizit (Stephanie Foerster)
A Different Drummer (Jonathan Gruber and Robert Jackson) - Trailer Only
Inside Human Trafficking in the US (David Gedney) - Trailer Only
Hidden Books (Sam Hampton) - Trailer Only
I Didn't Know (Ronald Minor) - Trailer Only
Married in Spandex (Devin Gallagher and Allison Kole) - Trailer Only
R. Luke DuBois: Running Out of Time (H. Paul Moon)
Willows in the Midst (Steven Holloway)
Downtown Silver Spring (Henrik Gronhaug)
Romantic Warriors (Adele Schmidt and José Zegarra)
Sex, Lies & Asperger's (Richard Concepcion)
Chiben Without Notes (Yan Chun Su)
Yes We Did: the People's Inauguration (Andre Dahlman and Brian Pascale)
Before the Show: a Dance Documentary (Erica and Jermaine Mountain)


Battle for the Big Easy (John Patrick King and Ed Stephenson)
District of Jazz (Stefan Immler) - Trailer Only
Let The Fire Burn (Jason Osder) - Trailer Only
On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW! (Mike Ratel) - Trailer Only
Ted Flicker - A Life in Three Acts (David Ewing) - Trailer Only
Sons of PROG (Adele Schmidt and José Zegarra) - Trailer Only
BACK UP! concrete diaries (Monique Hazeur and Nijla Mumin)
Keeping the Kibbutz (Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran)
Joe The Brother (Liz Lovern)
To See (Chris Wohlers and Michelle Lia)
Out in the Silence (Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer)
Land of Dilemmas (Olha Onyshko and Sarah Farhat)
My Mother's Journey (Sam Hampton)
Indian Hill (Thomas Kaufman and William Klein) - Trailer Only


Four Minutes (Jes Therkelsen and Phoebe Gilpin)
Match Me If You Can (Dave Nuttycombe)
Merian's Way (Karen Cantor and Chris Gavin)
Finding the Drone (Charles Cohen)
Baltimore City HAKS (Bernard Threatt)
Go-Go: the Music of a City (K. Dene Mitchell) - Trailer Only
SPONG: Life and Times of a Radical Bishop (Hugh Drescher) - Trailer Only
Doug's Bargains (Jehan Harney) - Trailer Only
My Mother's Journey (Sam Hampton) - Trailer Only
Murphy's Gambit: A Chess Hustler's Story (Andre Dahlman) - Trailer Only
Imani: a Story of Faith (Taylor Baxter) - Trailer Only
Through the Eyes of the Needle: the Art of Esther Krinitz (Nina Shapiro-Perl)
Rachel Is (Charlotte Glynn)
Doggie Drill Team (Kristin Holodak)
Broken Hearts and Butterflies (Kimberley Williams)
Comrades (Dean Hamer)
Casa (Raul and Luis Diez Alaejos)
Beauty In the Eyes of the Beheld (Liza Figueroa)
Learning from James (Kendra Rubinfeld)


The Walk Ons (Tim Durham and Aimee Nowland)
Mare Ignotum (Loretta Oleck Berger and Linton Suttner)
The Fixer (Aaron Rockett)
Market (D.B. Long)
Unravelling Michelle (Dan Shaffer and Michelle Farrell)
SOLD (Jody Hassett-Sanchez)
Un-Natural State (Kirk Mangels and Brad Mendelsohn)
Art of Silence  (The Documentary Center at George Washington University)
The Price for Paradise (Jeffrey Kramer)
Broken Hearts and Butterflies (Kimberley Williams)
Synthetic Art (Matt Radcliff)
Matador (Nina Seavey and Stephen Higgins)
HipHop is Alive (Michael Chu)
Congo: Hope on the Ballot (George Lerner)
Still Calling (Steven Holloway)
Redemption Stone (Tom Dziedzic)


The Power of Forgiveness (Martin Doblmeier and Dan Juday)
Americana Lost? (Chris Billing)
The Jesus Guy (Sean Tracy)
The Gathering Storm (The Documentary Center, George Washington University)
Tumaini Letu (Natalie Halpern
Black Diamonds (Catherine Pancake)
The Last Colony (Rebecca Kingsley)
The Preacher and the Poet (Dean Hamer)
I Remember Babe (Jesse Achtenberg and Ray Bolger)
American Feud (Simone Fary and Richard Hall)
My Life as an Underdog (Boris Gavrilovic and Leon Martin)
The Last Greeks on Broome Street (Ed Askinazi)


Khoristoria (Catherine Mattingly)
Air Group 16: We Came to Remember (Hugh Drescher)
Caught in the Net (The Documentary Center at the George Washington University)
The Best Part of Everything (Jes Therkelsen)
The Bayou (Dave Lilling and Bill Scanlan)
Give 'em Belle! (Jon Jensen and Genevieve Croteau)
14th & U: the Soul of a Neighborhood (Silvina Fernandez-Duque)
Dear Mr. President (Katie Gerringer)
The Fast Lane (Carolyn Projansky)
My Mother Mary (David Roberts)
Code Name: Butterflies (Cecilia Domeyko)
Bluegrass Capitol (G.T. Keplinger)
Gertrude Berg: America's Molly Goldberg (Aviva Kempner)
Ready to Play (Jennifer Crescenzo)
Lessons from DC (Lauren Kritzer)


Voices from the Movement (Roger Hill)
War and Peacemakers (Mike Blain and Kelley Jones)
Moving Forward (formerly Empowered Women) (Karen Zider)
90 Miles Apart (John Monte and Aaron Rockett)
The Abby Spirit (Ray and Judy Schmitt)
Daughters of the Levant (Rouane Itani)
The Last Colony (Rebecca Kingsley)
Up to the Mountain, Down to the Village (Chris Billing)
Swing Legends (Emily Schwartz and Tommy Greco)



Peer Pitch gives filmmakers a chance to practice pitching their works-in-progress in front of other filmmakers, getting feedback on they trailers, pitches, and projects. The seeds of this program began with The D-Word's International Transatlantic Face 2 Face. The program became a regular series administered by Docs In Progress beginning in 2005 as a sidebar program to the AFI DOCS Film Festival. In 2011, it expanded to include Peer Pitch West, a program in northern California at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. In 2017, it expand to include Peer Pitch Midwest in Chicago.





America In Transition (Andre Perez)
Ashe '68 (Rex Miller)
Boomer Bands (Andrea Page)
Catching the Chain (Clair Hauser)
Chinese-Americans for Trump (Yi Chen)
Dates for Coffee (Kiera Kyoto Lewis)
Digital Dreamers (Kenji Yamamoto and Nancy Kelly)
Embers (Colette Ghunim)
From Baghdad to the Bay (Erin Palmquist)
The Last Days of Brookland Manor (Katie Lannigan)
Letters to a Murderer (Paul Nethercott)
Master of Disaster (Skye Wallin)
Meeting Mom - Kippy (Kimberly McFarland)
The New Love Culture (Bridget Bradley)
Niggas for Life (Messiah Equiano)
Oh Happy Day! (Krystal Tingle)
The Poet's Passage (Niam Itani)
Pura Vida (Kevin Dean)
Refusing to Ghost (Sara Ross-Samko)
Scary Stories (Cody Meirick)
The Shadow of Your Smile (Natasha Badiyi)
Sullivision: The Ed Sullivan Story (Suzanne Kay and Margo Speciale)
Uncoiled (Lilly Czarnecki)
Up to Snuff (Mark Maxey)
Water Bucks (Carole Ryavec)
When It Breaks: Family, Music, and Special Education (Todd Tue)

 2016 Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise (Jennifer Townsend)
Cellular Aftershocks (
Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer)
City of Enchantment
(Gwen Schroeder)
Decade of Fire (
Gretchen Hildebran and Vivian Vazquez)
(Bahar Shoghi)
Healing (Aubrey Degnan)
LOVE Gilda (Lisa D'Apolito)
Million Dollar Block (Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma)
My Dear Children (Lee Ann Dance and Cliff Hackel)
Portrait of Harry (Erik Angra)
Scouts Forever (Dianela Urdaneta)
Slightly Larger than Iowa (Michael Garrigues)
Transmilitary (Fiona Dawson and Gabriel Silverman)
Untitled Bethlehem, PA Project (Bill Kavanagh)

Being Bebe (Emily Branham)
Cowork City (Perttu Salovaara)
Creative Feds (Erica Ginsberg)
Dusty Groove: the Sound of Transition
  (Danielle Beverly)
The Five Healing Stories of Addiction Recovery (Dean LaCoe)
The Gathering (Sara MacPherson)
Generation Bling (Meg Smaker)
Getting Personal (Doug Block)
Ghost Town (Emily Fraser)
The Guardians (Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran)
How to Power a City (Melanie La Rosa)
Jerome and the Art of Sainthood (Anthony Cianciolo)
Money Talks (Tim Rockwood)
The One & The Many (Inaya Yusuf)
The Roar of a Lion Cub (Martina Radwan and Laura Nespola)
Scouts Forever (Dianela Urdaneta)
The Soiled Dove (Nick Kasimatis)
The United States of Food (Dan Manatt)


Barack Obama: Made in Hawaii (Gloria Borland)
Big Sonia (Leah Warshawski)
Brinton (Andrew Sherburne)
Dear Walmart (Michael Blain and Kiley Kraskouskas)
Democracy: Prague Spring to Arab Spring (Dan Manatt)
A Dog for Charlie  (Barbara Cray)
Dropka (Yan Chan Su)
Good Work (Per Hoel)
Indivisible (Hilary Linder)
The Jüdische Kulturbund Project: Artists Under Oppression (John King and Gail Prensky)
Kahuna (Alex McGehee)
The Last Lone Genius (Bill Doorley)
Mr. Besley's Forest (Cheryle Franceschi)
The Munir Project (Malkia Lydia)
Qwerty (Eli Brown)
Some Things About Food (Michael Little)
Sweetheart Deal (Elisa Levine)
Thirty-fourth Annual Seattle Comedy Competition (Ruben Rodriguez Perez)
Twice Upon a Time (Niam Itani)
The West (Paul Moon)
Wind's Song (Emily Lobensz)
ZIP CODE 00000: What Happened in Centralia? (Lys Sparrow)


3 Hungry Teens (Vanessa Lemaire)
Blind Lifter (Janar Stewart and Patrick Leahy)
The Cycle (Irina Vodar)
Fencing for the Edge (Holly Buechel)
Kandahar Journals (Louie Palu and Devin Gallagher)
Singing with the Sword: the Artist Journey (Cheree Dillon)
SlingShot (Paul Lazarus)
Standardized (Daniel Hornberger)
Still We Rise (Molly Knight Raskin)
Transcending Surgeon (Sam Hampton)


Holding Hands (Anna Rodgers and Zlata Filipovic)
Holiday Inn Sarajevo (Zlata Filipovic and Anna Rodgers)
Ladies Turn (Helene Harder)
Musical Roadmap: Journey to a Country's Soul (Deborah Schull)
No Evidence of Disease (Andrea Kalin)
One Good Year (Mikal Jakubal)
with WINGS and ROOTS (Christina Antonakos-Wallace)


Trailer Night originated as part of our regular Work-in-Progress Screening series, but eventually became its own program as part of a bi-monthly filmmaker-only meetup called the Documentary Roundtable. Filmmakers provide feedback to other filmmakers on fundraising trailers, scenes, or segments of up to 10 minutes in length in a program which is moderated by Docs In Progress volunteers Simone Fary and Richard Hall.


Boogie Til You Puke: The Legend of Root Boy Slim (Dick Bangham and Scott Mueller)
Breaking Ground (Emily Cohen)
Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy (Todd Stevens)
Feast Your Ears: the Story of WHFS 102.3 (Jay Schlossberg)
Living Acres (Benjamin Ross)
The Missing Men (Karen Ruckman)
Platinum Ticket's Last Ride (Jeffrey Kramer)
Rolling Out (Gus Soudah and Kelsey Marsh)
This Land (Joanne Morrison)
Three Cameos (James Bonato)
Traces of Heaven (Mo Saemi)
A Travel to Happiness: Guatemala (Darren Murray and Mehari Sequar)


The Back Story (Sheila Conlin)
Cheers of JOY (Nancy Frohman)
Dishonorable Mention (Sam Bardley)
Harvests of Hope (Koorosh Farchadi and Karen Buchsbaum)
Here With Me (John Filson)
I Am More Than My Hair (Alyscia Cunningham)
Ice Cream Prince (Kelsey Marsh and Lonnie Martin)
The Man Who Lost China (Thomas Young)
Mason Dixon Meteorite (Rebecca Carroll)
Pain and Passion: The Men who Built Football in D.C. Traditional Public High Schools (David Owens)
Point of Entry (Scott Sowers)
Scouts Forever: Friends From WWII to the Present (Dianela Urdaneta)
A Story About Women’s Self-Defense (Joseph Ritchie)
Trans*Geek Movie (Kevin McCarthy)
Thirsty Land (Conrad Weaver)
The Translator (Donna Schatz and Rob Penczak)
Women in Film: Onscreen and Off (Timothy Allan)