Works In Progress Screenings

Docs In Progress is excited to announce that we are scheduled to return in 2023 to in-person Works In Progress screenings. Details forthcoming.

Works In Progress is Docs In Progress' flagship rough cut screening program. Established in May 2004 as our very first program, more than 150 not-quite-done documentaries and filmmakers have received valuable feedback from audiences committed to a peer review process. By actively involving the audience in the feedback process we fulfill our core mission of fostering a sense of community and engagement within the art of filmmaking. Filmmakers receiving this help reached their goal of completion and distribution. Films workshopped at Docs went onto national broadcast, premiered at major festivals, and won awards such as the Peabody, Oscar Short List, and Emmy. 

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2022 Works In Progress Screenings 


Mabel Valdiviezo

Through the intimate lens of one courageous survivor, the film explores the complex nexus of family separation, mental health, immigration and belonging.Prodigal_Daughter_Poster.jpg



Susan Donnelly

The documentary tells the story of the Alliance Colony, settled in 1882 in New Jersey by Jewish immigrants fleeing persecution in Russia. Alliance_Poster.png


Past Works In Progress