The Ballad of Holland Island House

DIRECTOR: Lynn Tomlinson

SYNOPSIS: In a musical ballad, an animated clay house recounts its journey from tree to home on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay.

Lynn Tomlinson is an internationally renowned animator known for her uniquely metamorphic clay on glass films, which transform and shift perspectives and explore environmental themes. Her award-winning films include The Ballad Of Holland Island House (2014), The Elephant’s Song (2018), and Ten Degrees Of Strange (2021). Her work has screened at the Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery, and Pompidou Center, and at Ann Arbor, and Maryland Film Festival and many others. She received the Baker Art Award for Film/Video (2022), the Edison Innovation Award from Thomas Edison Film Festival (2021), and First Prize for Greenpeace’s Postcards from Climate Change (2014). Tomlinson is Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of the Electronic Media and Film department at Towson University.

Release Year: 2014

TRT (Total Running Time):