E is for Early


And nope we don’t mean the midnight Black Friday Sales. Rather, we mean getting an early start on the giving season.

This year, why not give to Docs In Progress? We recently kicked off a new fundraising initiative -- a scholarship program which will allow those who cannot afford to take our documentary production classes and youth documentary filmmaking summer camps to do so.


Our goal is relatively modest -- to raise $5,000 between now and January 6 so that we can begin offering the scholarships this coming spring and summer.

We’ve already gotten a few early supporters through our online IndieGogo campaign, but still have about $4,500 to go. Why not join our Earlybirds?

While your donations are tax-deductible, you will also notice a few perks thrown in there as a thank you for your support.  Even if you can only afford $5 or $10, every little bit helps. And if you are not into online donations, we still accept good old fashioned


Over the next few weeks, we will be counting down the days of the campaign and giving shout outs to our supporters. We will also be providing some context as to why helping to support new and diverse voices in documentary filmmaking can really make a difference not only to them, but to the broader world.

On top of that, every time we post, we will be tying in the mission and outcomes of Docs In Progress to something which begins with the letter “E.” Afterall, just because we are fundraising for something important, it doesn't mean we can't have fun in the process.

So come on earlybirds, show your support!

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