Chief Executive Officer

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Barbara Valentino became CEO of Docs In Progress in the Fall of 2022 after serving as both Board Chair and Treasurer for Docs.  Committed to Docs' mission that everyone has a story to tell, Barbara is passionate in opening these creative doors to a wider audience whether it is launching an incubator for Filmmakers with Disabilities, expanding our intergenerational filmmaking program [we need a new title-if you'd like to help] or supporting workforce development opportunities with enhanced training for post production professionals.

During the early days of COVID, when Barbara served as Interim Executive Director before returning to the Boar with an equally committed Board managed to keep Docs' door virtually open and even experiment with virtual programming.  The first effort was a summer teen filmmaking workshop where each student had a loaner gear bag with IPads, tripods, and mics, and nearly 30% were on scholarship. The most memorable impact was from one mom who wrote a note in Spanish that said, "She never thought she could give her daughter such an opportunity.".

Barbara started Evolving Communications, a multimedia production company, because she was inspired by the scientists and engineers she met and worked with during her tenure at the National Academy of Sciences [NAS] Television Office.

She realized then that these ‘unsung heroes’ had compelling stories that needed to be told and shared. Barbara uses her extensive experience and background in video production, journalism, and science & technology policy to bring memorable and dynamic narratives to life in the fields of science, engineering, health and international development.

Evolving Communications remains as a creative collaboration of talents working with prominent science and tech organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and public relations companies. Evolving’s expertise extends internationally working for The World Bank, the African Development Bank and The Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria.