Dave Haft

Washington, DC

Dave Haft is a filmmaker with 13 years of experience managing video production teams, promotional campaigns and software development projects. In 2008, he established the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence for the $50B U.S. Military Health System. Dave began producing documentary-style work in 2012 with the development of two films for the International Baccalaureate (IB) as part of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant. This kicked off a longer relationship with the IB, so he founded Social Grinder, a global collective of video and film professionals. His team has produced 200 short educational documentaries for the IB and other educational institutions; filming in 15 countries and editing in 10 languages. Other clients include The International Red Cross, the World Health Organization, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Maryland, and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

ABOUT THE FILM - Working from Home

This is one family’s story of pandemic parenting in Washington, DC, during racial justice uprisings and the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Dave, a white man and the film’s director, returns home from a gig in China as the world shuts down. His wife Mary, a Black woman, delays her return to work to care for Carter, their three-year old. Aven, Dave’s bi-racial daughter from a previous marriage, isolates from school and friends, making the most of virtual third grade, but often needs adult attention. How can Mary manage the household, virtual school and find time for herself? Is it essential for Carter to start school in person, or is the COVID risk too high? Will Aven get along with her brother for a year and still process the larger historical moment? Watch Carter and Aven move through separate formative moments while Dave and Mary make tough choices amid mixed privilege and uncertainty about COVID.