H. Paul Moon zenviolence.com is a filmmaker, professor, and attorney whose works include short and feature-length documentaries, featured, and awarded at over two hundred film festivals worldwide. He teaches editing at George Mason University and Docs In Progress and manages a network of online communities at Focuspulling and Docufilm that keep pace with new camera technologies and documentary news. His works include Sitka: A Piano Documentary about the craftsmanship of Steinway pianos, and Quartet for the End of Time, about Olivier Messiaen’s transcendent WWII composition. Moon's first feature, an acclaimed and award-winning documentary about the life and music of American composer Samuel Barber, premiered on PBS, and he is currently finishing a documentary feature about Western poetry. His ongoing bicentennial multimedia works on poet Walt Whitman are featured at whitmanonfilm.com. Moon’s latest film is an operatic adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, awarded "Critic's Choice" by Opera News.