Intermediate Adobe Premiere Editing

Description: This full day of learning Adobe Premiere at the intermediate level is recommended for anyone who already understands the core software, or for anyone who has used it on‐and‐off but wants better mastery, in these four general categories:

Advanced Color Correction: Review primary color grading, luminance correction, and the Lumetri color panel, then dive deeper into the reference scopes, secondary color correction with motion trackers, comparison views with matching, and creative looks. Audio Post-Production: Perform interview surgery (kill long, awkward pauses, noise reduction) using a noise print in Audition, spectral layers for sound removal, high-pass and low-pass filters for wind, hum/feedback attenuation, multi-channel mixing, and markers for music cues. Multi-Camera Editing: Create and control multi-camera sequences with nested sequences, pick camera “angles” in real-time, synchronize multiple sources with external audio, and get multiple focal lengths from a single camera. Special Effects for Documentaries: Frame rates, slow- and fast-motion, cloaking and blurring moving objects, stabilizing your shots with Warp, cropping and masking, green-screen keying, Essential Graphics panel, and subtitling/captioning. Note that many special effects features, previously just in After Effects, are now integrated into Adobe Premiere. Each participant uses provided footage to apply these features, while exploring further principles of editing theory throughout the intensive session.

This workshop is intended for those who already have basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere, either from prior training or real world experience.