Rebecca Grossman

Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca Grossman is a documentary filmmaker most drawn to social themes like emergence after trauma and the stories of people who have been overlooked or misunderstood in mainstream media. Her personal experience of emergence is from her struggle with an eating disorder that she kept secret for many years. In her healing, Rebecca realized the freedom and power telling her story gave her. In her filmmaking, she wants to help others experience the freedom and power that storytelling brings. Rebecca’s work has been published on news outlets such as National Geographic and The Washington Post.

ABOUT THE FILM: The Rest of Your LIfe

How do we emerge from catastrophe and learn to live life differently? The entire world is asking this question right now. Observational documentary The Rest of Your Life explores the same question, in the context of a life-changing accident. It follows father and husband, Alex Rosenberg, for a year as he and his family restart their lives after the catastrophic accident that paralyzes most of Alex’s body.