Ronda_Barrett.jpgRonda Barrett is a story facilitator, producing books and documentaries that explore the life stories of individuals, families and organizations. After years of telling the organizational stories of her clients at a DC marketing firm, in 2006, she established Honor Your Story and has been helping people to document their histories ever since.

She guides clients through a review of their experiences as well as their photos, documents and memorabilia. In her role as a family history facilitator, the filmmaker brings a team of genealogists, graphic designers and archivists to the process to help transform memories into a legacy to be shared. Whether working with hospice patients or interviewing the unnamed people behind the scenes of historical events, Ronda is passionate about the stories of everyday people.

As featured in The Washington Post, she is part of a community of life story professionals working to promote the benefits of capturing personal histories. She encourages everyone to embrace an approach that resonates with them and then jump in and do it!