Success Story - Karen Ruckman Featured at Catholic University Exhibit

Karen Ruckman, Docs In Progress Fellow Alum and Fiscal Sponsor displays  “Lorton: Paper and Lens”,  an art exhibition at Catholic University's Salve Regina Hall.  The exhibition features pieces produced through the Lorton Reformatory art programs, which were designed to help rehabilitate incarcerated people.

The gallery features a collection of archival photographs from the 1980s that depict inmates living their daily lives. Taught by  Karen Ruckman, The Lorton Photography Workshop helped D.C. Department of Corrections residents to learn about the educational and expressive importance of photography.  The Workshop continued until 1988.

Karen brought this incredible body of work to Docs In Progress where, as a Fellow, she began her journey to tell the story of the Workshop and the men behind it.  In 2019, Karen presented In Lorton's Darkroom as a feature documentary in Docs in Progress' Community Stories Festival.

The exhibition is scheduled to close on December 2nd, 2022.