A Note of Appreciation


2016 ended on a great note thanks to many treasured members of our community. our Executive Director just wanted to give you a shout out for making a difference and investing in the future of Docs In Progress.

by Erica Ginsberg
January 2, 2017

As we begin a new year in a new space, I did want to send a special acknowledgment to all who made a big difference to Docs In Progress in a somewhat challenging year.

First of all, a big thank you to our 2016 Board of Directors who helped guide the ship and provided time, talent, and treasure to keep us sailing: Laura Possessky, Jay Elvove, Chithra Jeyaram, Coley Gray, Paige Lee, and Liz Lovern and Anna Jhirad who both transitioned off the Board this year.

Secondly, our staff who have helped the organization continue to grow in new and exciting ways: our Program Manager Andrea Passafiume and her predecessor Ellen Kessel, our Marketing Manager Monica Sanjur, and our interns Dawit Martin and Paul Munger. Not to mention all our contract teaching artists and workshop presenters: Sam Hampton, Adele Schmidt, Paul Moon, Susanne Coates, Emily Wathen, Sanja Marjanovic, Aqiyla Thomas, George Mayo, Yi Chen, Larry Engel, and Pat Aufderheide.

Thirdly all the volunteers who have rolled up their sleeves at various points during the year -- whether helping to be the face of the organization at one of our events, helping behind-the-scenes with the website or reviewing submissions and applications, organizing or documenting our programs, hosting an event, or doing the heavy lifting (quite literally, in some cases) with getting us packed up and ready for the move: Cindy Aserkoff, Erin Baron, Michael Barrett, Trey Carswell, Barbara Corprew, Simone Fary, Jon Gann and Michael Shankle, Mohammadreza Ghanbari, Jennifer Goldsmith, Richard Hall, Sam Hampton, Melissa Houghton, Cherie Howell, Chithra Jeyaram, Kiley Kraskouskas, Marci Lu, Malkia Lydia, Sam Meddis, Nikoe Navarro, Payam, Matthew Radcliff, Meena Ramu, Bonnie Rich, Jonathan Uy, Claire Vilain, Julia Vickers, Thomas Walker, Paul Warner, Amy Wilson, and Susan Winchell. 

Fourthly to all the funding institutions which have seen the value and impact of Docs In Progress and supported us with grants: The National Endowment for the Arts, The Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland State Arts Council, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, the City of Takoma Park, Jurg and Linda Siegenthaler Fund, Montgomery County Executive's Ball, The William and Karen Tell Foundation, and the Takoma Foundation.

Fifthly to all the businesses and institutions which have sponsored Docs In Progress programs through financial and in-kind support or sponsorships: Altavista CG, Catylator Makerspace, Chieftain Productions, DC Asian Pacific Film Festival, The Documentary Center at the George Washington University, Fenwick Beer & Wine, FlowState Films, Gusto, Lucky Dog Films, Media Central, Meridian Hill Pictures, Not Your Average Joe's, POV, Reel Plan, Revere Bank, Silver Spring Regional Services Center of Montgomery County Government, Silver Spring Town Center, Inc., Studio Unknown, Women in Film and Video, and Word Wizards.

And, last but not least, to all the individuals who have invested in the future of Docs In Progress: Anonymous (all of you who wanted to support us without much fanfare, you know you who you are!), Cliff Adelman in Memory of Gwen Ifill, Jon Adelman, Catrina Akers, Alanna, Timothy Allan, Beth Allaben, Babu Aryankalayil, Cindy Aserkoff, Ruth Auerbach, Patricia Aufderheide, Milinda Balthrop, Nels Bangerter, Erin and Scott Baron, Milinda Balthrop, Felicia Barr, Aldo Bello, Jonathan Bernstein, Kate Culpepper, Doug Block, Lomax Boyd, Susan Brown, Marvin D. Bryson, John Burgan, Burst Films, Kirk Campbell, Sandy Cannon-Brown, Maria Carmona, Susan Catler, Beth Charlesworth, Richard Chisolm, Yi Chen, Jackson Clay, Eileen Connolly, Barbara Corprew, Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran, Alyscia Cunningham, John and Paige Curran, Cynthia and Jason, Glenn Daigon, Sara Daines, LeeAnn Dance, Lisa D'Apolito, Angelica Das, Richard Davis, Cheree Dillon, Christa, Michael Dinkin, David Dinneen, Hugh Drescher, Florence and Eli Dwek, Tom Dziedzic Video, Erin Essenmacher, Simone Fary and Richard Hall, Amy and Joe Federman in Memory of Alex Federman, Silvina Fernandez-Duque, Donna Fair, Hermon Farahi, Geoff Feinberg, Ziad Foty, Cheryle Franceschi, Jon Gann, Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, In Memory of Marcia Garfinkel, Roger Gastman, Leon and Gordana Gerskovic, Susan Ginsberg in Memory of Max, Yehuda Goldman, Gary Goodwin, John Grabowska, Busy Graham, Coley Gray, Jason Green, Clifford Hackel, Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, Glenn Harnden, Jody Hassett Sanchez, John Heyn, Cherie Howell, Izlem Izbudak, Bill Jackson, Walter Jacob, Nathaniel James, Roxanne Jarrett in Tribute to Max, Mary Jeffers, Chithra Jeyaram, Amy Johanson, Miles Joyner, Kaleidoscope D.C., Sarah Katz, Jacqueline Kearney, Aviva Kempner, Ellen Kessel, Ramona and Robert Kessel, Jeffrey Kramer, Lance Kramer, Mark Kramer, Kiley Kraskouskas, Bill Kleinert & Leslie Johnson, John King, Jeff Krulik, Susan Lamb, Sarah Lanning and Ethan Lincoln, Paige Lee, Hilary Linder, Debbi Mack, Jay Mallin, Paul Marengo, Lisa Martin, Anne Mathis, Joan Mathys, Michelle M, Thomas McCabe, Kevin McCarthy, Kimberly McFarland, Tom Meek,  Paul Moon, Rhonda Moskowitz, Liz Norton, Dave Nuttycombe, Jason Osder, David Owens, Laura Paglin, Andrea Papitto, Annabel Park, Marta Pereyma, Lucian Perkins, Donald Plata, Laura Possessky, Steve and Joyce Potemkin, The Powers Family, Connie Rinehart, Virginia Quesada, Sarina Raby, Matthew and Anne Radcliff, Madhusudanan Ramaswamy, Hal Smiler, Sheri Ratick Stroud, Norma Reck, Bonnie Rich, Connie Rinehart, Robert Rooy, Karen Ruckman, Thomas Ryan, Marjan Safinia, Mary Bulla Sanchez, Garret Savage, Adele Schmidt, Dicey Scroggins, Nneka Scroggins, Garret Savage, Nina Seavey, Nina Shapiro-Perl, Robert Shoenberg, Bahar Shoghi, Mark Silinsky, Kelley Slagle, Mario Starks, Abby Sternberg, Ronald Stevens, Beckie Stocchetti, Maggie Stogner, John Sullivan, Kerry Sullivan, Jyothi Sunkari, Paul Szynol, Alan and Sally Tassler, Calvin Thomas Jr., Gene Tognacci, Sean Tracey, Ellen Tripler, Diana Urdaneta, In memory of the Duke of Vartsala, Jo-Anne Velin, Julia Vickers, Irina Vodar, Paul Warner, Emily Wathen, Kendra and John Wells, Amy Wilson, Word Wizards, Worthi, Catherine Wyler, Sheila Walker, Vidya & Niam, Donald Zauderer, Michael Zeldin, Karen Zill, and Mary Ann Zimmerman.

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