New Year, New Location


In a month of many surprises, here is one more. Docs In Progress will be moving in January 2017. Find out more about how you can help us navigate the transition.

UPDATE: January 9, 2017

Docs In Progress has moved. Our phone lines and Internet are back up. We are still in the midst of unpacking though, so it will be a couple weeks before we can welcome guests at the new space. For information and a map of the new address, visit the Contact Us page.

ANNOUNCEMENT: November 14, 2016 

As downtown Silver Spring, Maryland has blossomed in tandem with the growth of our nonprofit organization, we knew that there would only be so much time before commercially-zoned houses like ours would have to make way for new development. While we have loved hosting classes, talks, parties, fellowship meetings, and a home-away-from-home for several thousand filmmakers who have joined us in what has come to be known affectionately as "The Doc House," it is time to open a new chapter.

Be assured: all the things Docs In Progress is known for in terms of our programs, services, and community are not going away. Our November and December programs are continuing as normal. Our holiday party on December 9 promises to be a blast. And yes we are already planning a full slate of programs for 2017, some of which you can sign up for now.


As of January 1, we will be at

801 Wayne Avenue
Suite G-100
Silver Spring, MD 20910
This is in an office building at the corner of Wayne and Cedar, just steps away from Veteran's Plaza, the Silver Spring Library, and Whole Foods, closer to the heart of downtown Silver Spring. It is only a 5 block walk from the Silver Spring Metro (or you can catch VanGo), has some onsite visitor parking, and is 1 1/2 blocks from two county garages.

While we will be shifting from a house to a suite in an office building, we will have almost as much space as we had at the Doc House for a very similar rent to what we had been paying until October (with the plus that it will now be wheelchair accessible!). We will be moving in early January and will do our best to make it as homey and welcoming as the current space our community has come to know and love.Home is where the Docs are!



Our space has been a physical manifestation of our community, and we are hoping we can turn to you at this crucial juncture to help us transition smoothly to the next chapter of Docs In Progress.

Given the changing real estate market in Silver Spring, we knew the day the building would be sold would eventually come, and are grateful for the many years we had in this cozy space that was also affordable to us. However, in addition to the need to move, the only way we could stay in the house through the end of 2016 was to agree to pay a significantly higher rent. We also know there will be incurred costs associated with moving.

The decision to stay in the house through the end of the year with the increased rent is not one our Board made lightly, but ultimately we decided it was important to keep our 2016 program schedule as planned, and to minimize disruption on the day to day running of the organization. We have started a campaign to raise those funds before the end of the year.

While we had been planning our typical modest end-of-year campaign, we are now looking at an additional unanticipated $15,000 in expenses. How does that break down?

  • $5,000 in additional rent so that we could stay in the Doc House through the end of 2016 without disrupting previously scheduled programming.
  • $5,000 in moving expenses (packing and moving all our furniture, equipment, and files, getting both the old and new space cleaned up, Internet installation fees, setting up a PO box for several months during the interim between moving out and moving in)
  • $5,000 in additional staff time spent on the move (on top of the time we are already spending on ensuring programming continues uninterupted).

If we reach our goal, we can breathe easy that the move will not negatively impact our budget. If we surpass our goal, any additional funds will be put towards building a reserves fund so that we can weather unanticipated expenses like this more smoothly in the future.

All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. If you prefer to donate by check or other means, see instructions below.

Unlike our past fundraising campaigns, we will not be offering perks, but we hope you will understand that the perk is keeping us in the house through the end of the year and moving to the next perfect location.

Donating Online
You can donate by credit card either through Crowdrise or by getting a ticket to our December 9 Holiday Party

Donating Offline
While we welcome donations online by credit card through Crowdrise, you can also support Docs In Progress by check or through a giving fund. Checks can be made payable to "Docs In Progress" and mailed to:

Docs In Progress
PO Box 7728
Silver Spring, MD 20907

If you donate by check, please indicate somewhere with the donation if you want your donation to be anonymous, in honor of someone, in memory of someone, or acknowledged to a company rather than an individual.

If you have additional questions about giving or this transition, do not hesitate to contact Erica Ginsberg at 301-789-2797 or erica AT docsinprogress DOT org


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