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A New Space and a New Era for Docs In Progress

In early 2019, Docs In Progress will move to new permanent space in downtown Silver Spring. It may seem like deja vu. While our 2017 move happened after the "Documentary House" was sold by a landlord, our upcoming move has been in the works for more than two years. 

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Roundtable Roundup: Making an Impact at the Local Level

While many social issue filmmakers want their documentaries to make an impact at the national level, because of the decentralized nature of the United States, sometimes films can have the most impact at the state and local level. A recent WIFV/Docs In Progress Documentary Roundtable focused on this topic. 

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Keeping the Creative Juices Juicy: A Fellow's Perspective

Tien Pasco is one of ten 2018 Docs In Progress Fellows. Like many folks trying to balance independent documentary work with client work, she knows how challenging it can be to find time to focus on being creative. She has found a way which works for her and may for you.

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Docs In Progress Named "One of the Best" Nonprofits

As it celebrates its 16th anniversary serving the Greater Washington Region, the Catalogue for Philanthropy is proud to honor Docs In Progress.

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Meet our 2018 Filmmaker in Residence. Get a sneak peek at our next Docs In The City screening. Get a Fellows' perspective on the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Catonsville Nine. Plus news from alums, upcoming  funding deadlines, hot reads, and more...

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Fatigued at Full Frame? A Fellow's Perspective

Ray Whitehouse was one of ten 2018 Docs In Progress Fellows to attend the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. He arrived early on Thursday morning and left late on Sunday night. He reflects on all the time he spent in the middle.

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National Endowment for the Arts Renews Support for Docs I...

We are pleased to announce that Docs In Progress will receive renewed funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to support our Docs In The City screening series in 2018.

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Winter 2018 Newsletter


Meet the 2018 Fellows, Learn what festivals and filmmakers wish from each other, discover a new opportunity with Peer Pitch. Plus news from our alums, upcoming funding deadlines, hot reads, and more...

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An Open Letter to Film Festivals and Filmmakers Who Apply...


Film festivals and filmmakers are mutually dependent, but often misunderstand each other. What do they each wish the other would do more of?

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Meet the 2018 Docs In Progress Fellows


Docs In Progress is pleased to announce the selections for the 2018 Docs In Progress Fellowship.

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