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July 2016 Newsletter


News from Docs In Progress including announcement of this year's Documentary Inspiration Award Honoree, Open Submissions for Community Stories Festival, our Next Work-in-Progress Screening, and More on our Summer #Docspiration Campaign

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Ten Tips on Making Voiceovers Work for Documentaries


"We are so much more than our voices. We are our choices." This was just one takeaway from several of the top voiceover artists in the Washington DC region when they came together to speak at a Documentary Roundtable in May 2016 about how documentary filmmakers can work with talent. The joint WIFV/Docs In Progress Roundtable was held in partnership with WIFV's Talent Roundtable.

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10,000 Miles, 3 Cameras, 2 Drones, 1 Dog


Koorosh Farchadi (2016 Fellow) went on a whirlwind journey to get behind the science and politics of climate change to hear from everyday farmers who are facing the impact of climate change with resilience.

He recounts the story of a 40-day cross-country production trip while filming his documentary HARVESTS OF HOPE.

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The PBS Series You May Never Have Watched if You Live in DC

FateofaSalesman.jpgAMERICA REFRAMED is one of the best places to see high quality, provocative documentaries on public television. Unfortunately you probably haven't even heard of the series -- much less seen it -- if you live in the Washington DC area. Docs In Progress Executive Director Erica Ginsberg asks why.

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A Recovering MPA Takes Up Documentary Filmmaking


Like many millennials, 2016 Fellow Yisrael Welcher moved from New York to Washington DC to make change in the world. He planned to pursue a Masters in Public Administration MPA which would lead to a career path in International Development. Somewhere along the way, he reassessed how he wanted to make an impact, and decided to make a living as a bartender, and a life as a documentary filmmaker.

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Some Tools for Long-Distance Post-Production Workflow

Kelley_Slagle_Photo.jpgKelley Slagle (2016 Fellow) is co-producing and editing Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons -- a look at the artists behind one of the world's most renowned role-playing games.  As an an experienced editor, she offers a perspective on some online tools she has found helpful when collaborating with a co-producer who is based in another city but still wants to be able to access the full NLE project.

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The Difference Between Moving and Doing


Saaret Yoseph (2015 Fellow), is our guest blogger this month. She has been at work on iEthopia: the Round Trip, which explores the complexity of Ethiopian-American identity. As she is about to transition from Fellow to "Filmmaker-at-Large," she reflects honestly about the fears of transitioning from a structured support system. 

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Review: The Wolfpack and Cinephilia

Is THE WOLFPACK part of an ethnographic documentary tradition that seeks to display the “strange” for spectator enjoyment? Or does it consistently work against this tradition of depicting its main subjects as human caricatures? Joshua Glick reflects on the film as part of his series of reviews of classic and contemporary documentaries.

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2016 Documentary Inspiration Awards Wrap-Up

On Tuesday, September 29, 2016, Docs In Progress honored director Marshall Curry and editor Matthew Hamachek at our first ever Documentary Inspiration Awards.  Enthusiastic audience members braved the pounding rain to join us for the evening of conversation with the filmmakers and a screening of their Academy Award-nominated collaboration IF A TREE FALLS.  Relive the event with a wrap-up from board member Sam Meddis and tweets from volunteer Cheree Dillon and board member Chithra Jeyaram.

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Welcoming Remarks: Documentary Inspiration Awards 2015

Docs In Progress held our first ever Documentary Inspiration Awards on September 29, 2015. The awards took place at the GALA Hispanic Theatre in Washington DC and honored Academy Award-nominated collaborators Marshall Curry and Matthew Hamachek. Read the full transcript of the welcoming remarks given by Docs In Progress Board Chair Kiley Kraskoukas and by Board Member Sarah Katz

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